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Clarification on Central Precinct Nominee

The SRCD Board has received several emails regarding Stephanie Dilley’s nomination for the Central Precinct Residential Improved Property seat for the upcoming election in November. She is currently employed as the Director of Lodging for Snowshoe and this has brought up both questions and concerns regarding her eligibility and potential conflicts of interest with her employment with Snowshoe and being a homeowner. Here is some clarification on the issue.

The WV State Code governing RAD elections impose no restrictions on who can serve on the board. There are no legal nor ethical impediments to Ms. Dilley's service as the residential representative, if so elected by the voters in the Central Precinct.

Stephanie Dilley is a residential homeowner (Expedition Station Condos) in the Central Precinct and has been properly nominated and is legally eligible to run for the Central Precinct Residential seat as verified by the District's Election Committee.

The Board Secretary and Legal Counsel have affirmed that the election process, to date, has met all of the applicable State laws and complies with the District's by-laws.

The District's Bylaws: Section 2.05 Ethics in part states ... "All Board members shall be familiar with and comply in all respects with the West Virginia Governmental Ethics Act (WV Code § 6B-2-5), which addresses, in part, issues of fiduciary duties of Board members, voting, disclosure of conflicts of interest ...". The possibility of conflict of interest can arise with any member of the board under certain circumstances. We suggest that you may want to ask Ms. Dilley how she would address this issue if it were to arise.

You can access the topic on the Election Forum using this link (you must have created an account and logged in to post / everyone has read-only permissions):

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