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Options for Structuring Precincts

One of the outcomes of the creation of the SCRD (and subsequent bylaws) was the possibility to create three precincts to more directly represent Snowshoe’s improved property owners. While the SCRD bylaws impose some constraints on precincts, they also provide flexibility in how they are structured.

There are several different ways to structure precincts and each has pros and cons. There is no perfect solution. For this reason we are asking all of the HOA Presidents to give their opinions to us.

To that end, we have created a brief questionnaire which we are asking you to complete as soon as possible. We want to know what you think so that most improved property owners can be represented in a manner that they agree with.

Our committee has identified several possible approaches to creating precincts and are working under the following principals and guidelines:

• There are approximately 2100 improved property owners and each precinct must be composed of approximately 700 owners, plus or minus 10% (per SCRD bylaws)

• Large HOA’s should be distributed so as not to dominate a single district

• Each HOA must be fully contained within a precinct (per bylaws)

• Communication should be strengthened by precincts such that owners’ issues are heard and communicated to the SCRD board for appropriate action

• Per bylaws, each precinct will elect one person to the board for a total of three representatives each representing one precinct

We are very interested in what you think! After all, this is going to be something that will affect every owner for years to come. We want to strengthen our Mountain so the more input we get, the closer we come to satisfying the majority of people. We realize that not everybody will be happy, but we have to try to achieve the highest possible satisfaction! Please respond by replying to this request as soon as possible. We realize you may want to talk with your owners and with your board. Our committee has a huge job to do and a short time to do it in.  Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your response by June 15, 2019.

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