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US Census Paid Help Needed in Pocahontas County

We received this email yesterday looking for help with the Census data collection for Pocahontas County. See below for details:

My name is Richard Moore. I am the local RA from the US Census for Pocahontas County.  I am reaching out to you today because the Census is in need of many applicants for the 2020 Census. Pocahontas County last I checked still is in need of over 140 applicants. The pay rate for Enumerators ( aka, census takers) in Pocahontas county is $15 per hour, and a $.575 mileage reimbursement!

With Covid-19, a lot of people are out of work and these jobs are desperately needed. I am writing you to ask for your help in getting the word out that despite Covid-19 the US Census is taking applications. You can help by sharing the attached card on your website, with your friends, family, contacts, or anyone who may be interested , also posting this information through your Facebook page or even your personal social media accounts. 

Thank You for your time 

Richard Moore

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