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About the SRCD

The Snowshoe Resort community is comprised of Snowshoe Mountain Resort, several commercial businesses, and more than 2,000 residential properties located within the greater boundary of the Resort.  The Board’s mission is to develop and maintain public safety, fire protection, transportation services, roads maintenance and the maintenance of various common area amenities that serve to benefit community members, both through personal enjoyment and the enhancement and protection of property within the community.


SRCD Board of Directors

David Simmons

Patti Duncan

David Dragan

Kandy Ramos

Jason Oxman

Ken Gaitor

Randy Light

Lisa Cutlip

Commercial Seat and Chair

Resort Operator Seat and Vice Chair

Residential Seat and Secretary

Resort Operator Seat and Treasurer

Residential Seat

Unimproved Property Seat

Residential Seateat

SRCD District Manager

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