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April 2021 Election


The Board of Directors for the Snowshoe Resort Community District is publishing this Call for Nominations in accordance with the Bylaws governing the Snowshoe Resort Community District.

The election is currently scheduled for April 5, 2021. Owners of Unimproved Properties will be sent ballots at least 30 days before the election. There is one Unimproved Properties Board position up for election. This position is currently vacant due to the resignation of this seat on February 1, 2021. Only Unimproved Property owners may nominate candidates. Owners are encouraged to self-nominate if so desired.

Nominations must include:

  • Name of owner making nomination (may be the same as the nominee

  • Name, address, phone number and Email address of nominee

  • If you are the NOMINEE: A brief bio of less than 500 words explaining why the nominee would like to serve and qualifications

  • Pictures of the NOMINEE are encouraged as the nominations will be placed on the District  website. If a nominee would like to make a YouTube video, we will share it via the website as well


Nominations must be received by the district no later than February 17, 2021 via:

Snowshoe Resort Community District

PO BOX 377
Snowshoe WV, 26209

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