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Ken Gaitor

Candidate for Unimproved, Developable Property

Unexpired Term Snowshoe Resort Community District Board Seat

April 5, 2021 Election


Candidate Information:

Ken Gaitor


VP of Mountain Operations


If you are the nominee: What are your priorities for the District:

            I’m most interested in improving the infrastructure and giving the District a great look and feel. Safety is my first priority.



            I grew up in Summers County, West Virginia on top of Big Bend Mountain of John Henry Fame. I moved to Delaware during high school and took my first management job at Mr. Donut after graduation. After two years of “making donuts,” I decided college was a great idea. I moved to Albany, NY and picked up snowboarding while getting my degree in marketing and business management. I started in the ski business at Brighton, Utah as a lift attendant and quickly moved up to Terrain Park Manager. I spent five more years working winters in Utah and summers in West Virginia as a raft guide. Then I moved on to Vermont and Mount Snow for six years as a Park Manager, then move back to Snowshoe, West Virginia in 2010 as the snowmaking and grooming and parks manager. I was promoted to Director of operations in two years and to Vice President after about seven years as Operations Director. I’m glad to be back close to home and doing the job I love so much!

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