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Election 2020


In accordance with our Bylaws and West Virginia law, the Snowshoe Resort Community District is having an election for the Central and North Precincts Residential Improved Property seats on the Board of Directors.  This election will be on the 9th of November 2020.  Due to COVID19 there will not be an election meeting.  Completed ballots must be returned to the Election Committee no later than 2PM ET on November 9, 2020.  Ballots can be Emailed to Ruth Bachman (, mailed, fax’d or hand delivered to the District.   There will be no proxy voting during this election.  You are entitled to one vote for each unit you own within each precinct.  For example, if you own 2 properties in the central precinct and 1 property in the north precinct you are entitled to 2 votes in the central precinct and 1 vote in the north precinct.  You are only entitled to vote for properties that are residential properties. 

As a reminder the Central Precinct includes Mountain Lodge, Allegheny Springs, Rimfire, Expedition Station and Highland House. 


The North Precinct includes Silver Creek, Shamrock, Powderidge, Whistlepunk, Black Bear, Creekside, Mountain Crest, Ridgewood, Camp 4, Stemwinder, Hutches, Powdermonkey, Shays, Old Spruce and Snowshoe’s Pedestal House.


You can email ballots to:

You can fax ballots to:  304-572-5616

Or you can mail ballots to:  Snowshoe Resort Community District

                                                 PO BOX 377

                                                 Snowshoe WV, 26209

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