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Election 2019



Dear Southern Precinct Homeowners,

In accordance with our Bylaws and West Virginia law, the Snowshoe Resort Community District is having an election for the Southern Precinct Residential Improved Property Seat on the Board of Directors.  This election will be on the 22nd of November, 2019 and we will have a meeting at 2PM on that day in the Seneca Board Room.  Attendance is not required to exercise your right to vote.  The ballot (CLICK HERE) can be faxed, emailed or mailed to the District. All completed ballots must be returned to the Election Committee no later than 2:00 pm Eastern, November 22, 2019. We are not including proxies with the mailed ballots but a proxy form is available HERE if you want to give your vote(s) to another homeowner.  If a proxy is used the recipient of the proxy must attend the meeting to cast the ballot.  You are entitled to one vote for each unit you own within the Southern Precinct.  The Southern Precinct includes the following areas:


Properties included in the Southern Precinct are The Seneca, Snowcrest, Summit, Top of the World, Westridge (north and south), Soaring Eagle, Leatherbark, Treetop, Sanctuary, Loggers Run, Wabasso, Lands End, Timbers, The Currey Residence, Hawthorne Valley (including Twin Greens and Fairway points) and the Galford Residence. (CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE LIST OF PRECINCTS)

You can email ballots to:

Or you can mail ballots to:  Snowshoe Resort Community District

                                                 PO BOX 377

                                                 Snowshoe WV, 26209

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