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Central Precinct Election May 21, 2021 - Unofficial Results

Attendees: Patti Duncan, Chair, Dave Dragan, Cris Trout and Ruth Bachman

Report of the Election Committee Meeting 21 May 2021

The Election Committee met on May 21, 2021 for the purpose of verifying ballots and counting the vote for the unexpired term of the Central Precinct Board Seat within the boundary of the Snowshoe Resort Community District.

Prior to the meeting, Ms. Bachman checked the mailbox for any straggler ballots. Zero ballots were retrieved.

The ballots were verified as legitimate, eligible and 118 votes were received:

Mr. Rick Vaughan - 29 votes cast

Mr. Randall Light - 89 votes cast

After verifying the ballots, this completes the unofficial results of the election to be posted to the website. The official results to be certified at the June 18th regular SRCD Board meeting and the swearing in of the new Board member.

At the end of the election, all voting materials were gathered and put in a box and sealed. Ms. Patti Duncan signed the box and put X’s across the seals and Ms. Ruth Bachman witnessed this event.

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