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Changes to Electronic Payment Fees

In an effort to encourage electronic filing of the Resort Service Fee (RSF), the Snowshoe Resort Community District (SRCD) will no longer charge a processing fee when reporting applicable rental income, retail sales, etc. via the SRCD website.

● This change is effective Sept. 1, 2021 and will eliminate the $2.00 processing fee previously charged to submitters. Online payments are still accepted using ACH/e-check (electronic check) and, going forward, this transaction will be free of charge.

● Credit/debit card users previously incurred both the $2.00 processing fee and a 2.2% processing fee. Going forward, credit/debit card users will incur only the 2.2% processing fee.

● To ensure proper credit for payments, the SRCD website will require a login with username/password to process the transaction. To help with this transition, we have posted a sample username/password creation video for your convenience on the SRCD website.

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