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November 2023 Special Election


Call For Nominations

The Board of Directors for the Snowshoe Resort Community District is publishing this Call for Nominations in accordance with the Bylaws governing the Snowshoe Resort Community District.


The election is scheduled for 17 November 2023 and information concerning the election will be sent mid-October. There is one board seat up for election, a Residential Improved Property seat, representing the South Precinct. This seat is presently vacant and was held by Mr. Chris Monger, who resigned during the August, 2023 meeting. The elected person will serve a 4-year Term beginning with the first Board meeting held in January 2024.


On 13 September 2019 the Board of Directors, upon recommendation from the Precincts Committee, established 3 precincts for residential improved property seats in accordance with the ByLaws. The Board further decided since Mr. Chris Monger resides in the Southern Precinct that the upcoming election will be for the Southern Precinct Residential Improved Property board seat. To nominate someone for this position you must be an owner of a residential improved property in the southern precinct.


Properties included in the Southern Precinct are The Seneca, Snowcrest, Summit, Top of the World, Westridge (north and south), Soaring Eagle, Leatherbark, Treetop, Sanctuary, Loggers Run, Wabasso, Lands End, Timbers, house owned by Currey’s(single home), Hawthorne Valley (including Twin Greens and Fairway points) and house owned by Galford’s (single home).


Nominations must include:


1. Name of owner making nomination (may be the same as the nominee)

2. Name, address, phone number and Email address of nominee

3. A brief bio of less than 500 words explaining why the nominee would like to serve and qualifications


Owners are encouraged to self-nominate if so desired.


Nominees must be received at the district no later than October 2, 2023 via USPS or other paper means, fax (304)-572-5616 or Email to:


Snowshoe Resort Community District

PO BOX 377 Snowshoe WC, 26209

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