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Application for Snowshoe Resort Community District Services and Projects Funding

The link below should be used to submit request for the SRCD to fund Services and Projects within the RAD.  The application needs to be completed by March 5th to be considered for funding for next fiscal year.  In order to be considered for funding, the following must be met:

A written application must be submitted to the Resort Services Fee and Assessments Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to start of a new fiscal year in order to be considered in the next year’s budget. All applications must provide the following information, at a minimum:

a. Requesting organization name and contact information

b. Community need met and area to be benefited

c. Complete service or project description including purpose, goals, and objectives

d. Preliminary budget costs for direct expenses, design, administration, and contingency funds

e. Implementation timeframe and major milestones

f. Preliminary ongoing annual operations and/or maintenance expenses (minimum three (3) year projection)

g. Any additional information as requested by the Resort Services Fee and Assessments Committee and/or the Board

Link to application:

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